Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Poetic Verses

So far, I have been exposing the skills of my classmates. In order to help you relate to their works, I have even added my own perception to it. 

But instead of giving a brief introduction about the person, I will let her own words do the work. 
Here are some of the best verses I have ever read, from Mangayarkarasi, B.Tech - IT - 3rd year.

"மீராவின்  யாழை ...
  கண்ணன் அறியா வேளையில்
  காற்று  அறிந்தது தான்...
  இசையோ.....!?! "

" உன் பிரிவால் எனக்கு துணையாய் நின்றவன் - பின்   

   உன்  வருகையால் தூரம் சென்றது ஏன்......?!                             
                               - தனிமை.....! "

"காத்திருந்ததாலே காலம் கழிந்தது 

  காதலும் கனிந்தது....
  கன நொடியேனும் உன் வருகைக்கு காத்திருக்கிறேன்....
  கைரேகை கரையும்  வரை  எழுதுவேன் உன் பெயரை 
  காகிதத்தில்  அல்ல கல்வெட்டில்....!"

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Enchanted Childhood

Have you ever wished that you could become a little kid again and forget all your responsibilities and problems? Yes?
Every one of us has had that thought at least once in our lifetime..

Because our childhood days bear the most happiest moments.. Those were the days when we were care-free about everything. Those were the days when we believed in Unicorns, Rainbows, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairies, Peter Pan, Hogwarts, etc. (Some like me still do :-D ) Those were the days when we were fascinated by the littlest things around us like:
  • the droplets of rain on a window, sliding down, racing against each other.
  • the fireflies glowing in the dark (still a mystery to me)
  • the different shapes and sizes of sea shells and pearls, on the beach.
  • the weird attraction to any coloured, glittery things.
One thing common about the list above is that as a kid, we enjoyed and believed in everything. Even a small Butterfly, fluttering its colourful wings and flying around, was magical. 

But as we grew up, we stopped caring about these things. Either we got bored of it or we think these don't matter. Its most probably the latter. And as a result, we have lost a great deal of our happiness. 

Here are a few Pictures by Priyadharshini D.V, B.Tech - IT - 3rd year, which will make you appreciate the most common things in Our Life.

"Sometimes the littlest things in life, matters the most!"

A Walk on the Sands..

The Beach is always a fascination to many...!

This is because the Horizon represents the meeting point of the sea and the sky. The illusion itself seems like a fantasy, some kind of attracting beauty.
Other than this, the Beach-side teaches us things which we have very conveniently ignored..

  •  Like when we stand on the shore, looking at the vast spread of sea, we feel small and insignificant. - Inspires us to Explore.
  • Like how when we write something on the sand and the incoming waves washes over it, leaving a clean and new space to write on. -Inspires us to never be scared of Starting Afresh.
  • Like how we leave footprints on the sand, when walking along the Beach. - Teaches us to set the best example to the people around us.
Such Scenic and Magnificent Beauty of the Sea has been captured still in these pictures. 
Pictures clicked by Dhanenkula Nagendra, B.Tech - IT - 3rd year. 

(He's not only a photographer but a talented artist too! )

Landscape view of the Pondicherry Beach.

That Refreshing Sea Breeze and a sense of Fulfilment.

Sunlight dancing on the waves, playing tricks in one's mind.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Being a Talenta...

"Talent is like a Fingerprint - EVERYBODY has one!"(A/N: I can't believe I wrote a genuine Quote!)

But some mega-minds who have mastered the art of improving themselves, are now handling Multiple talents..! How they find the time to update themselves in all those various interests, I never know!
People are note born with talents. Talents are something which are related to our Hobbies. What started as a casual effort to pass the time, becomes your Hobby, and will eventually blossom as a Talent.

Here's a list of my classmates, who have contributed their work so far..
  • Bharath (Photography)
  • Chandni (Art)
  • Nags (Photography)
  • Priya (Photography)
  • Amutharasi (Art)
  • Mangai Karumbhu (Tamil Poems)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Nature Photography..

Today, I am gonna introduce another Interesting Personality to u guys..!

"Eyes" are the Best Camera - from the past, to the present and even in the future.
Even though our eyes can capture some amazing sceneries, the evil Human Mind forgets it at times.
And so, Cameras have become an essential part of Everyone's lives today..
From selfies to group photos to embarrassing pictures of friends, a Camera captures a precious moment and freezes it in time, and helps us recollect those warm memories of the Past.

A talented photographer is one who enjoys the clicking sound of the Camera Shutter, one who mentally analyses the amount of lighting required for a perfect photograph, one who is fascinated by the unique blend of colours everywhere, painted by the immortal Artist (Mother Nature herself).

Some of the remarkable pictures, by one such Aspiring Photographer-cum-Artist,
Bharath Ramakrishnan, 3rd year, B.Tech - IT.

Keep the name in mind, very soon you will be seeing his pictures flashed across magazines all over!

A moment in peace, enjoying the beauty of Nature, rejuvenates you, in All Situations!

An untrodden path : Discover and Leave Ahead the Best Example, for those who are sure to follow you!

Nature at its best.. A breathtaking sight, worth living for...!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Holy Art...

"A picture is worth a Thousand Words!"
But what if it was a Painting..? Or a Sketch? These are much more personalised than photographs..
Because, Art Work is an outlet to many people, to vent their true feelings.
A colourful work depicts the vibrant mood of the Artist, while a dull or fiery work depicts the Artist in a Glum mood.

 Some of the Impressive Works of Chandni Sandirasegarane, 3rd year, B.Tech - IT.
 U could even consider her as tomorrow's Leonardo Da Vinci (no kidding!)