Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Walk on the Sands..

The Beach is always a fascination to many...!

This is because the Horizon represents the meeting point of the sea and the sky. The illusion itself seems like a fantasy, some kind of attracting beauty.
Other than this, the Beach-side teaches us things which we have very conveniently ignored..

  •  Like when we stand on the shore, looking at the vast spread of sea, we feel small and insignificant. - Inspires us to Explore.
  • Like how when we write something on the sand and the incoming waves washes over it, leaving a clean and new space to write on. -Inspires us to never be scared of Starting Afresh.
  • Like how we leave footprints on the sand, when walking along the Beach. - Teaches us to set the best example to the people around us.
Such Scenic and Magnificent Beauty of the Sea has been captured still in these pictures. 
Pictures clicked by Dhanenkula Nagendra, B.Tech - IT - 3rd year. 

(He's not only a photographer but a talented artist too! )

Landscape view of the Pondicherry Beach.

That Refreshing Sea Breeze and a sense of Fulfilment.

Sunlight dancing on the waves, playing tricks in one's mind.

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