Friday, 20 February 2015

Nature Photography..

Today, I am gonna introduce another Interesting Personality to u guys..!

"Eyes" are the Best Camera - from the past, to the present and even in the future.
Even though our eyes can capture some amazing sceneries, the evil Human Mind forgets it at times.
And so, Cameras have become an essential part of Everyone's lives today..
From selfies to group photos to embarrassing pictures of friends, a Camera captures a precious moment and freezes it in time, and helps us recollect those warm memories of the Past.

A talented photographer is one who enjoys the clicking sound of the Camera Shutter, one who mentally analyses the amount of lighting required for a perfect photograph, one who is fascinated by the unique blend of colours everywhere, painted by the immortal Artist (Mother Nature herself).

Some of the remarkable pictures, by one such Aspiring Photographer-cum-Artist,
Bharath Ramakrishnan, 3rd year, B.Tech - IT.

Keep the name in mind, very soon you will be seeing his pictures flashed across magazines all over!

A moment in peace, enjoying the beauty of Nature, rejuvenates you, in All Situations!

An untrodden path : Discover and Leave Ahead the Best Example, for those who are sure to follow you!

Nature at its best.. A breathtaking sight, worth living for...!

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