Sunday, 22 February 2015

Being a Talenta...

"Talent is like a Fingerprint - EVERYBODY has one!"(A/N: I can't believe I wrote a genuine Quote!)

But some mega-minds who have mastered the art of improving themselves, are now handling Multiple talents..! How they find the time to update themselves in all those various interests, I never know!
People are note born with talents. Talents are something which are related to our Hobbies. What started as a casual effort to pass the time, becomes your Hobby, and will eventually blossom as a Talent.

Here's a list of my classmates, who have contributed their work so far..
  • Bharath (Photography)
  • Chandni (Art)
  • Nags (Photography)
  • Priya (Photography)
  • Amutharasi (Art)
  • Mangai Karumbhu (Tamil Poems)

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